We support the children in the place they were born.
We offer the children a warm hug and a family enviroment
Six million children are orphan or vulnerable and live on the streets...

What we do

The main work of the Association is to provide and take care of children in need by means of foster care programs.   The term “foster” is used here in its wider connotation and not its restricted legal meaning, as this is applied by similar international humanitarian organizations providing long term support for children or young people. Assignment of foster parents to children is carried out strictly on a priority basis.

The children are chosen by the collaborating Ethiopian organizations according to strict criteria concerning family and financial conditions.

Greek foster parents, through the Association, offer an annual financial contribution (boarding fees) for each of the children who live in the Child Care Centers at various parts of the country. The Association sends these fees to Ethiopia and systematically monitors every aspect of the child’s  life.

An important part of the Association’s work is the annual mission trips of Greek foster parents to Ethiopia.  This provides the opportunity to enrich the action of fostering by personal involvement. Several times during the year, members of the Board, physicians, nurses, educators, psychologists and volunteers travel to Ethiopia at their own expense. They visit the children, communicate with them, examine their health, provide extra clothing, medical-pharmaceutical material, educational supplies and offer their love and affection.

The Association utilizes donations of members and friends to undertake infrastructure projects at the Child Care Centers, such as drilling water-wells, building toilets, bathrooms, libraries, etc.



  Mission trips                                                             Infrastructure projects

Child Care Centers


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