We support the children in the place they were born.
We offer the children a warm hug and a family enviroment
Six million children are orphan or vulnerable and live on the streets...

Child Care Centers

Today, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations active in Ethiopia, our Association supports 904 children in 9 Child Care Centers located in 8 different cities in Ethiopia.


Famine plagued  the region of Wollo in 1983-1985, and consequently in 1996 our Association decided to support this center first, together with Dessie, also in the Wollo region. Kombolcha is a major transportation junction and an industrial area involved in the metallurgical and textile industries. The center is located in a verdant area on the city’s main road


It is the second center the Association undertook in 1996. The center is a stone structure, situated in a fertile area, surrounded by vegetable gardens. It has running water and a playground. Today the center hosts 140 girls.

Collaboration with this center started in September 2005. It is located in the city of Woldia, situated at a junction on the way to Lalibela

We started collaboration in February 2006 and today we host 124 boys. The center is in a beautiful location in the middle of a pine forest, on the outskirts of the city. Assela is a university town and the birth place of many champion runners.

The center has been hosting our children since September 2006. It is located in a lush green area in the city. Adwa is known for the famous victory won by the Ethiopian army led by emperor Menelik II against the Italians on March 2, 1896.

Here, the Association undertook the care of orphans in March 2007. Today, 85 children, 61 boys and 24 girls are supported by Greek foster parents.

In April 2010 our Association launched a collaboration with a new center supporting orphan children in Axum, northern Ethiopia. Axum is an hour’s distance from our other center in Adwa. Axum was the capital of a rich kingdom between the 5th century B.C. and the 6th century A.D.

The Mother and Child Rehabilitation Center provides housing, food, education, medical care and therapy to orphan or unfortunate children and their parents, who live under extremely difficult conditions.

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