We support the children in the place they were born.
We offer the children a warm hug and a family enviroment
Six million children are orphan or vulnerable and live on the streets...

Mission trips to Ethiopia

Yearly mission trips to the Child Care Centers (often tricky and adventurous)  began in 1999. This activity in Ethiopia constitutes an important part of the Association’s work, demanding great preparation.
The participants are all volunteers, board members, regular members, foster parents and friends. Each year these mission trips become richer in knowledge, specialization and experience. Apart from the works undertaken, it is an opportunity for the children to savor parental care, as the mission trips enhance the bonds between the children and us. We offer personal care to each child and we look into their needs, their problems and their life’s conditions.Our approach is holistic, which means we make sure that whatever we offer the children covers all aspects of their lives, from their nourishment and medical care to their recreation. We make sure that everything we offer is equally distributed. The children respond and participate; the channels of love, tenderness and emotions are open, and our joy is great.

During these mission trips we organize ourselves in work teams, undertaking the following tasks:
  • •    Examining and checking the children’s medical condition and updating their medical files.
    •    Referring the children to local clinics for further tests, or for surgery if required.
    •    Offering medication, as well as bandages and dressings.
    •    Vaccinating the children against tuberculosis with BCG.
    •    Weighing the children and marking their height. We photograph them in order to follow their yearly growth.
    •    Keeping records for each of our children, including the family and social status, as well as their educational progress.
    •    Providing psychological support to the children who need it, as well as counseling on hygienic issues.
    •    In cooperation with the Centers’ directors, we take notes of issues concerning the upgrading of the quality of life and the amelioration of the facilities.
    •    Offering further education to personnel on child care issues.
    •    Rewarding students who excel at school by presenting them with prizes and certificates.
    •    Presenting theatrical and athletic groups with prizes.
    •    Distributing clothes, toys and school supplies.
    •    Making sure that supplies offered by foster parents or friends are distributed to the children.
    •    Taking pictures of the children, so that foster parents can keep in touch with the children’s growth.
    •    Spending plenty of time with graduates, in order to provide career counseling and guidance.
    •    Listing the children’s needs and getting updated on current issues by the local personnel.

Visits by foster parents
Members and foster parents also travel to the Child Care Centers on their own, apart from our mission trips. During their visits, they all work to improve the children’s living conditions, they carry messages from other Greek foster parents and, most of all, they share the joy of love with the children.
Specialized mission trips have taken place; for instance, foster parents took on teaching the children basic computer programs, while others painted all the buildings of a center with the help of the children.


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