We support the children in the place they were born.
We offer the children a warm hug and a family enviroment
Six million children are orphan or vulnerable and live on the streets...


Ethiopia lies within the so called Horn of Africa at the easternmost point of the continent. It is much more than just the country of famine and drought as most people  would believe. It offers tremendous variety in geomorphology, flora and fauna and an astonishing number of ethnic groups.
Ethiopia is one of the few African countries that escaped European colonization and it has fiercely clung to  its sovereign independence, cultural identity and civilization. The country has its own official language, alphabet, cuisine, religion, and even its own calendar and time telling system. Because of its isolation and particular political independence Ethiopia’s civilization remains alive and unaffected by foreign influence, to an extraordinary degree.
Ethiopia is well known for its unique historical landmarks and enjoys the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa. These include ancient rock-hewn churches and majestic castles. Due to its many archeological and palaeontological findings, Ethiopia is considered as the cradle of humanity. It was one of the first countries to embrace Christianity.
Life in Ethiopia, although modernized day by day, still clings to the past. Ancient ceremonies and festivals are celebrated with reverence. Ancestral traditions are observed with respect.
Ethiopia is not only a country of poverty, pain and needs. It is a place with a long history, a rich civilization and charming people. It has much to offer us and to teach us.


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