We support the children in the place they were born.
We offer the children a warm hug and a family enviroment
Six million children are orphan or vulnerable and live on the streets...


1995 A group of Greeks visiting Ethiopia decides to help children suffering from starvation caused by a recent famine. It was Moseb, a Lalibela mother holding her child in her bosom, who inspired the group. Thirty Greeks sign the founding declaration of our Association and decide to cooperate with the non governmental organization of Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church in its program of housing orphan and vulnerable children in Child Care Centers. Initially, the Association supports 2 Child Care Centers in Kombolcha and Dessie with 40 children.
1996 Visits to the centers start. Clothes, toys and other gifts are distributed to the children. Anti-mosquito units are installed.

1999 Yearly visits by members of the Board and foster parents are initiated. Clothes, toys, books and medication are transported. Medical exams and vaccinations are established, along with a thorough examination of the children’s needs.
2004 The Association’s head office, housing us to this day, is established. The two centers support 300 children by now. Our organization undertakes 3 new centers in Woldia, Assela and Adwa.

2006 In Kombolcha, drilling for a water well is completed in memory of a founding member. Furthermore, a computer room is established for the first time. The first two children graduate from university

2007 By now, we support 6 Child Care Centers, including the center in Mihur. The number of children has risen to 700. Infrastructure works (showers and toilets) are completed in Dessie. The Association now employs a part-time employee offering logistic and secretarial services.

2009 Water supply works in Assela and infrastructure works in Woldia are completed. An electric generator is installed in Mihur. Our Association is included in the NGO list approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2010 The 7th center is established in Axum. The children supported in all centers are more than 1,000 by now. 7 children have graduated from university and 16 more are university students. Our next goal is to provide career guidance to the elder children about to leave the Child Care Centers.
A "Foster a University Student Program" is established. A coordinator is employed in order to meet the Association’s increasing needs and to help achieve our goals. During 2010, the Association has extended its activities in Ethiopia by participating in the programs of another NGOs operating in the country. These NGOs have produced remarkable results: In association with the NGO MCRC (Mother and Child Rehabilitation Center) which assists mothers and children in all their needs.


Our philosophy
Ethiopia remains one of the poorest countries internationally. Its population of 82 million includes more than 30 million children. Almost 6 million children are orphans, poor and homeless. They are the silent victims. By helping the children in their own homeland, we help the country itself. We offer them the chance to live in dignity in their own country and we eliminate the danger of their immigrating under appalling conditions. By remaining in their homeland, these children in turn contribute to the country’s progress and set an example to the generations ahead.

Our achievements
By keeping children off the streets, we save them from beggary, disease and child labor. Some of the children are employed, having graduated from university. Through fostering programs, we offer these children both financial and moral support; additionally, we upgrade infrastructures in the centers which provide them with shelter. In total, more than  2.000.000 €  have been sent to Ethiopia in support of fostering and infrastructure programs.

Our greatest accomplishment
We offer the children family warmth, the unique feeling that somebody truly cares for them.



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